PK/5 - KCI TIELLE™ Plus Adhesive Hydropolymer Wound Dressing, Foam, 15cm x 20cm
Manufacturer #: MTP502

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  • Has a pretty unique way of dealing with wound exudate: As exudate is absorbed by the dressing, it is designed to expand and conform to the contours of the wound bed, which helps minimise exudate build-up and the chance of maceration, under normal use, the LiquaLock® technology locks fluid into the cell walls, which means reduced potential for it to be released back into the wound, vapour-permeable backing allows moisture vapour to transfer through the back of the dressing, allowing for absorption of additional exudate.
  • Easy to use: allow repositioning as needed on initial application yet stay where placed.
  • Control leakage and odour for better patient quality of life.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Provide a wear time of up to seven days depending on wound condition and exudate level.

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