CA/30 - Cambrooke Foods Tylactin™ RTD 15 Original Medical Food Formula
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Cambrooke Foods Tylactin™ RTD 15 Original Medical Food Formula, 8.5 oz. Can, 200 Cal, Neutral Taste

Tylactin™ RTD 15 (15 grams of Protein Equivalent [PE]) is the first and only whole protein complete metabolic formula in a ready-to-drink form for the dietary management of TYR Types I, II, III. Tylactin™ RTD 15 original provides a neutral taste allowing to add flavoring or drink on its own. Tylactin™ RTD is medical food formula that contains Tylactin™, the proprietary, advanced formulation of glycomacropeptide and essential amino acids without added phenylalanine and tyrosine. Phenylalanine is not added because phenylalanine naturally converts into tyrosine.

  • Great neutral taste allowing you to drink on its own or add flavoring.
  • Contains 15g protein equivalent (PE) per carton.
  • A more neutral pH and lower osmolality RTD formula compared to synthetic amino acid formulas.
  • Convenient RTD option makes it easy to drink on the go.


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