EA/1 - Neo G Comfort Relief Arthritis Glove, Unisex, Large, 8.3" to 9.1" Circumference
Manufacturer #: O396L

Neo G Usa IncSKU: NEO396L

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Comfort/relief arthritis glove provide optimum mobility, flexibility, warmth and comfort to the user. Helps ease symptoms associated with arthritis in the wrist and hand. The Warming gloves provide added heat retention to help keep stiff, aching and painful joints warm and mobile everyday, whilst the slimline Lifestyle gloves featuring a silicone palm grip and open fingertips for dexterity and daily comfort help provide warmth, comfort and mild compression. It is recommended to combine both gloves for optimum symptom relief.

  • Flexiwear dual layer system - Two types of interchangeable, adaptable, multi-purpose gloves for optimum mobility, flexibility, warmth and comfort.
  • Attention: Only use on clean, intact skin, do not use if you have a known allergy to any of the specified materials, the indications outlined may not be suitable for condition, before use always seek medical advice from physician, always take advice on duration of usage and sizing, ensure product is not uncomfortably tight and blood flow is not restricted, do not use if liniments, ointments, gels, creams or any other substances have been applied to affected area, it should be applied as illustrated on the product box, if a rash develops, pain is prolonged or conditions worsen, discontinue use and consult a physician, do not wear within the first seventy two hours following an acute injury, remove gloves if you experience tingling pins and needles, numbness or discoloration in the fingertips, do not wear continuously for twenty four hours a day.
  • Lifestyle glove material: Polyamide, elastane, polyester, silicone.
  • Aloe vera warming glove material: Acrylic, elastane, polyester, natural rubber latex.

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