BX/5 - Argentum Silverlon® Antimicrobial Wound Packing Strip 1" x 12"
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Argentum Silverlon® Antimicrobial Wound Packing Strip 1" x 12"

Silverlon® wound packing strips are packed into open wounds that are infected or have a high potential of being infected. These strips provide an antimicrobial barrier to the entry of external bacteria and fungi as well as an antimicrobial agent for reducing the bacteria and fungi on the surface of the open wound.
  • These strips are indicated for control of local wound bleeding and nasal hemorrhage.
  • Encourages draining by wicking fluids from a body cavity, infected area or abscess.
  • Help remove necrotic tissue from ulcers or other infected wounds when used as a “wet-to-dry” packing.
  • Also available Argentum Silverlon Antimicrobial Wound Contact Dressings.

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