EA/1 - Uro-Safe Vinyl Leg Bag with Thumb Clamp, Medium 18 fl oz.
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Urocare Products Inc Uro-Safe® Disposable Vinyl Leg with Thumb Clamp 18 oz Large, Sterile, Latex Leg Straps

For use with foley indwelling and male external urinary catheter. Unique Anti-reflux valve promotes flow into bag and prevents backflow. Durable vinyl with wide reinforced eyelets for leg bag straps. The Vinyl Urinary Leg Bags has the built in, Anti-reflux valve that is virtually self-cleaning and interference free ensuring uninterrupted flow and problem free use

  • Disposable.
  • Packaged individually in sterile, easy, peel-open pouch with two latex leg straps.
  • Each leg bag is hand-tested for defects through each phase of manufacturing process.

Product Details

  • MPN:
  • Size: 1
  • Color:
  • UOM: EA/1

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