BX/50 - Statlock Picc Anchoring Device, Box Of 50
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Bard Medical StatLock® PICC Anchoring Device, Foam Anchor Pad, Fixed Posts, Sterile, Latex-free

StatLock®PICC Stabilization Device is well-known for its clear, green bracket capturing the catheter wings over the posts. It is more effective and productive alternative to tape in helping improve clinical outcomes, quality of care and economic efficiencies.

  • The StatLock®PICC II Stabilization Device is designed for compatibility with winged PICC catheters as well as dialysis catheters, such as Medcomp Ash and Kendall MAXID® Dialysis catheters.
  • The StatLock® PICC II Stabilization Device offers easy “post” stabilization – simply press the catheter’s securement wings over posted retainer and cover with a transparent dressing.

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