Hollister New Image CeraPlus Skin Barrier Review: Protecting Your Peristomal Skin

Upgrade Your Ostomy Care: Hollister New Image CeraPlus Skin Barrier

Finding the right ostomy skin barrier is essential for comfort, security, and preventing skin irritation. Hollister's New Image CeraPlus Skin Barrier promises extra protection with its ceramide-infused formula. Let's dive into the features, benefits, and my experience using it.

What is CeraPlus Technology?

Briefly explain the role of ceramide in healthy skin. Describe how CeraPlus aims to decrease water loss and protect the skin barrier. Highlight the "not made with natural rubber latex" feature for those with sensitivities.

Key Features of the Hollister Skin Barrier

  • CeraPlus Formula: Emphasize skin protection and moisture retention benefits.
  • Tape Border: Mention added security.
  • Cut-to-fit and Pre-sized: Note the flexibility for different stoma sizes.
  • Compatibility: List the types of New Image pouches it works with.

My Experience: Comfort, Wear Time & Skin Health

Did the CeraPlus formula make a noticeable difference in your skin health? How did the wear time compare to other barriers you've used? Was it easy to apply and remove?

Is the Hollister CeraPlus Barrier Right for You?

Ideal for those with sensitive or easily irritated peristomal skin. Consider if longer wear time is important to you. Discuss potential cost factors (briefly, as prices can vary).

If you struggle with skin irritation or want to try a barrier formulated for extra protection, talk to your ostomy nurse about the Hollister New Image CeraPlus.