Peter's Story


The company and the program all began with one man’s ill fate. The Peter Robins’s story illustrates how one person, with enough determination, can defy all odds and pick up from the ashes to earn a living from his adversities. Peter, a modest man by nature, started his business career in the retail market over 20 years ago and eventually opened several outlet stores of his own. He was on his way! His dreams were coming to be. Peter’s motto was, if some work, works, more work is better. He soon became so consumed by his career, that he did not read the warning signs that his health was failing. Peters’ obsession to attain his dreams blinded him to the eliminate health risks that were soon to become so obvious, for you see, as a young man Peter suffered from Crohn's and colitis. At the age of 32, Peter’s long work hours took its toll and his Crohn's and colitis, long forgotten, returned, resulting in a colostomy. This was Peter’s first wake up call, but within 24 months, Peter’s colostomy was reversed and in his mind, merely a bump in the road, soon to be forgotten. For the next ten years, ignoring the warning signs, Peter resumed to his strenuous lifestyle and disregarded the effects of the 100+hours workweeks, as his health and body could no longer sustain the abuse, doomsday lurked nearer

The day of reckoning had come!

At this time in Peter’s life, he was successful, things were good, everything was going to plan, until he received a call from home, telling him his brother was admitted to the hospital and not expected to recover. Stressed and emotionally upset, Peter made the journey home to be with his brother and family. Upon arrival at his home, Peter experienced another attack of Crohn's and colitis, which landed him again in the hospital and under the knife. When Peter was woken from surgery, he was informed that they had to give him a necessary ileostomy in order to save his life. His recovery was slow and painful and remained in the hospital for nearly 12 months. Doctor and medical staff at the local hospital did not expect Peter to survive, as his body would not absorb sufficient nutrients to sustain life as a result of the ileostomy. Family and loved ones were called to his bedside, but Peter, being Peter, beat all the odds and walked out 12 months later, weighing 98 pounds (approximately 100 lb weight loss) starting his life over, as everything he had strived to achieved was lost. His recovery was considered a true miracle. Also, I should mention at his time, when Peter left the hospital, he ended up marrying his nurse. The charmer!

Life goes on!

Like most people with a new ostomy, upon being released from the hospital, Peter naturally thought that his neighborhood drugstore would be more than capable of looking after all his information and supply needs. WRONG! Peter soon discovered, that nobody really had a good handle on what people living with an ostomy really needed. Like all new ostomates, Peter tried everything that suppliers thought he needed. Frustrated by it all, Peter set out to solve this problem, he gathered all and every bit of information and knowledge that he could muster, digested it, and soon discovered that he was being recognized, as the neighborhood expert. Even doctors were calling him to help console their patients who were new to this ostomy world and needed some moral support and coaching. Peter helped, but knew he could do more and possibly make a living at the same time. You see, Peter had discovered that people with an ostomy liked dealing with other people who went through the same experience and had a first-hand knowledge of the problems and products available. To this end, Peter started buying small quantities of ostomy supplies to supply, at lower costs, to various people that he had become friends with. As time went on, word spread and soon Peter was in business.

From this humble beginning, was born, and this is where I come into the picture. My Name is Dan, and I met Peter at his home while repairing his new sofa, that had been damaged upon delivery. I had just purchased a website and uncertain as to what to do with it. As Peter and I continued to talk, it became very obvious that our destiny was to sell medical supplies on the internet and provide help and medical information to people in need. To this end, we started and which provides a toll-free number across North America (1-866-940-4555) to provide assistance and help to any ostomates or diabetics in need.

Best Buy Medical Supplies has developed very close relationships, with many of the largest medical suppliers in the United States and ship from dozens of large warehouses across North America. We now provide a complete selection of Ostomy, Urological, Diabetic and advanced Wound Care products.