BX/5 - New Image 2-Piece Cut-to-Fit Flextend (Extended Wear) Skin Barrier 2-1/4" Stoma Size, 2-3/4" Flange
Manufacturer #: 14604

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New Image Flat Flextend Skin Barrier

This skin barrier is part of a two-piece pouching system. The Flextend barrier is an extended wear skin barrier that is durable and offers high resistance to erosion. The skin barrier has an integrated floating flange, which allows fingers to be placed under the flange, to help minimize pressure on the abdomen when attaching a pouch.  Manufacturer #: 14604


Flat Skin Barrier – Generally is used when the stoma protrudes well from the abdomen.


Floating Flange – Available on all two piece Hollister barriers.  Allows for fingers to be put under the flange for support while attaching the pouch and barrier together, ensuring a secure connection without applying pressure to the abdomen.


Cut-to-Fit Skin Barrier – A skin barrier that can be cut to the right size and shape of the stoma.  May be used when the stoma is irregularly shaped or until post-operative stomal swelling subsides.


Flextend Skin Barrier – A skin barrier that has strong adhesion and is designed to be more resistant to breakdown from ostomy discharge.  May be the barrier of choice for ileostomies and urostomies.


Tape Border – Portion of the skin barrier that provides additional adhesion and enhances security.



  • Skin barrier with integrated beige floating flange
  • Flextend (extended wear) skin barrier, flat
  • Cut-to-fit
  • Tape border
  • Designed to be used with any New Image drainable, closed, or urostomy pouch with same flange size
  • Not made with natural rubber latex


Full Description

Box of 5 - New Image Flat Flextend (Extended Wear) Skin Barrier, w/Integrated beige floating flange, Tape Border, Flange Size 2-3/4"(70mm) Cut-to-fit up to 2-1/4"(up to 57mm) - Color Match Blue


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