BX/10 - ConvaTec Esteem synergy® Skin Barrier, 7/8" to 1-1/4" Mold-to-Fit, Landing Zone Flange, Tape Collar, White
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Pcs: Two

Type: Stomahesive® Tape Collar, Standard Wear

Stoma Opening: 7/8" to 1-1/4" Mold-to-Fit, Flat

Flange: 1-3/4"

Size: Medium

Belt Tabs: No

The Esteem synergy® ostomy system offers our latest skin barrier technology. ConvaTec Moldable Technology™ skin barriers hug the individual contours of your stoma to allow for a secure, personalized fit without the need for scissors. The Esteem synergy® ostomy system utilizes an innovative Adhesive Coupling Technology™ that connects the pouch to the skin barrier and eliminates the need for plastic rings that must be snapped or locked together. Instead of a plastic ring, Esteem synergy® pouches feature a flat, flexible adhesive foam ring that securely connects to a flexible, clear “landing zone” on the skin barrier. The result is a low-profile, flexible two-piece system.

  • Stomahesive® Technology skin-side layer holds securely yet gently to skin while the Durahesive® Technology top side layer provides added protection from caustic output. Durahesive® skin barriers will "Turtleneck" or gently swell up and hug the stoma, better protecting the skin around your stoma.
  • The innovative Adhesive Coupling Technology™ eliminates the need for plastic rings that must be snapped or locked together.
  • The flexible adhesive foam ring enhances the performance of ConvaTec Moldable Technology™ and provides support at the base of the stoma.
  • Starter hole rolls back to create opening for stoma.
  • White fabric collar increases flexibility.

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  • UOM: BX/10

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