PK/5 - KCI Silvercel™ Non-Adherent Antimicrobial Alginate Dressing, 4" x 8"
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Antimicrobial alginate dressing is a sterile, non-woven pad composed of a high G (guluronic acid) alginate, carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) and silver-based nylon fibers. The unique composition is designed to manage exudate and help control infected or heavily colonized wounds. The unique EasyLift film layer keeps the dressing simple and convenient to use, minimizing pain and trauma at dressing change. It has silver ions within the dressing to protect the wound from bacterial contamination and maintains a sustained release of the silver ions for up to seven days. It stays strong for intact removal even when wet, and has been proven to be 75% less adherent than the leading silver dressings.

  • Alginate forms a gel on contact with exudate, making dressing suitable for minor bleeding wounds and infected wounds.
  • Use as a primary dressing on moderate to heavily exuding, partial and full thickness chronic wounds.


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