BX/10 - Smith & Nephew Cutinova Hydro-Selective Dressing, 2" x 2-3/8"
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Smith & Nephew Cutinova Hydro-selective Dressing 2" x 2-3/8", Self-Adhesive, Semi-Transparent, Waterproof and Bacteria Proof, Polyurethane Matrix, Flexible

Smith & Nephew Cutinova Hydro-Selective Dressing is a unique, hydroactive, polyurethane matrix with an embedded, super-absorber providing maximum exudates absorption that has been designed to offer all the benefits of a hydrocolloid. Its special structure offers a unique mode of action, absorbing water from wound fluid, but leaving essential wound healing agents behind in the wound. It combines all the proven benefits of clean, moist wound healing with the ability to leave growth factors, essential agents in wound healing and other natural proteins on the wound bed.

  • Helps to prevent bacterial contamination.
  • Water vapor permeable.
  • Highly absorbent, even under compression.
  • Does not break down in the wound.
  • Conformable.
  • Made of highly absorbent polyurethane gel with a film top layer.
  • Provides bacterial barrier.

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