CA/50 - Closed Suction Catheter, 14 Fr
Manufacturer #: CSC114T

Carefusion CorporationSKU: 55CSC114T
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The AirLife® Closed Suction System is designed to provide safe and simple access to a ventilated patient’s airway. The system features the Verso™ airway access adapter and its pucker valve technology that seals the patient’s airway from the access port to maintain safe, continuous ventilation while you perform airway access procedures. Each catheter will require a corresponding adapter to be connected to the ventilation system. The system gives you multi-purpose access to your ventilated patient without breaking the circuit.

  • The Verso adapter gives you multi-purpose airway access to perform: Open suction, closed suction, bronchcoscopic procedures, Mini-BAL and instilled drug delivery.
  • Latex-free.


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  • Size: 1
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  • UOM: CA/50

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