EA/1 - Medi-Vac Yankauer Suction Handle with Tapered Bulbous Tip with Pre-connected Tubing 6" L x 1/4" I.D
Manufacturer #: K83A

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Medi-Vac® Yankauer Suction Handle with Tubing 6 ft. L x 1/4" I.D., Tapered, Bulbous Tip, Single Use, Sterile

Medi-Vac® suction handles deliver performance and maneuverability. These lightweight handles are designed to provide optimal control and visibility with minimal tissue trauma.

  • Tapered flanges to reduce tissue trauma with maximum visibility.
  • Non-conductive tubing.
  • Provides suction flexibility with clarity and visualization.
  • Removable male/male connector.
  • Single use.


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