EA/1 - Coloplast Biatain® Soft Alginate Filler, Sterile, Latex Free 1 x 17-1/2" Rope
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Coloplast Biatain® Soft Alginate Filler 1 x 17-1/2" Rope Sterile, Highly Absorbent, Latex-Free

Biatain® Soft Alginate Dressings are made of a unique combination of alginate and carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) for superior absorption and one-piece removal. Fast gelling effect when in contact with wound exudates and maintains an optimal moist wound environment.

  • Nylon mesh layer provides exceptional strength.
  • Provides increased wet integrity.
  • Exudate is absorbed quickly and vertically.
  • Minimizes risk of maceration.
  • Forms a soft gel in the wound bed.
  • Superior absorption extends weartime.

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  • Size: 1
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  • UOM: EA/1

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