CA/10 - Dover 2-Way Silver-Coated Silicone Foley Catheter 24 Fr 5 cc
Manufacturer #: 605247IC

Kendall HealthcareSKU: 68605247IC
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  • Phosphate ionic silver hydrogel coating.
  • Silicone platform: Inert silicone catheter provides optimal delivery platform for ionic silver.
  • Smooth, separately molded, reinforced tip with deep stylet pocket tip: Resists buckling and accepts stylet securely.
  • Bullet shape tip: Eases insertion, less tissue trauma.
  • Smooth, hand finished eyes: No additional urethral trauma.
  • Large, oval shaped eyes: Ideal size for maximum drainage, design will not allow material to obstruct drainage lumen.
  • Ribbed balloon with smooth transition to the shaft: Increases strength and symmetry and eases insertion.
  • Soft, flexible, non-rigid shaft: Allows for easy insertion.
  • Round, smooth, uniform French sized surface shaft: Reduced irritation to urethra, true French sizes.
  • 30% larger inflation lumen due to patented extrusion process shaft: Allows for greater flow rates.
  • One wall construction due to patented extrusion process shaft: Resists collapsing during forced irrigation.
  • Separately molded, ribbed, reinforced funnel: Assures proper seal to drain bag connector and various irrigation syringes.
  • Bespak spring-loaded valve: Provides consistent inflation/deflation of Foley catheter balloon.
  • Latex-free.

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