CA/80 - Vistec X-Ray Detectable Specialty Sponge, Sterile 10's, 12 Ply, 4" x 8"
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Vistec™ X-Ray Detectable Sponges are USP Type VII gauze. A unique dual-colored, latex-free element allows visibility when the sponge is saturated. Sponges are available in sterile, banded or non-sterile, banded and unbanded.

  • USP Type VII gauze, heavier open-end spun yarn (vs. ring spun yarn). Better for soft tissue dissection.
  • Unique dual-colored element combines blue radiopaque strand with white strand. Sponge is highly visible when saturated with blood.
  • Element is latex-free and runs through both sides of sponge. Facilitates sponge counting.
  • Precise, double vacuum delinting process with folded edges, corners and tie-ins. Lint-free use in all applications.
  • Sponges are paper banded in 10's.

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