BX/5 - Marlen UltraMax™ One-Piece Pre-cut Drainable Pouch with AquaTack™ Hydrocolloid Flat Skin Barrier and Kwick-Klose™ Fastener 1-3/8" Opening, 9" L x 5-3/4" W, Transparent, 16Oz, Odor-proof
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Marlen Drainable Pouches are available with a wide range of skin sensitive adhesive flanges and can be supplied with either a flat base, or a convex base.

  • Advantages of a one-piece system.
  • Ease of a disposable system.
  • Odor-proof pouch material.
  • Quiet, Built-in comfort cover facing the body.
  • Leak-proof for added protection and security.
  • Extra-large drainage spout for easy emptying.
  • For Ileostomies and Colostomies.

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