EA/1 - Vesco Low Profile Feeding Tube Extension Set, 24" Single ENFit® Port, Straight, Universal
Manufacturer #: 1003

Vesco Medical, LlcSKU: 971003

Sale price$20.42


Gastrostomy tubes with single female funnels that accepted male stepped ENFit® male connectors. It will be compatible with any administration set or syringe with ENFit® female connectors. Balloon valves will continue to have a Luer slip port accepting Luer slip tip syringes in order to blow up the balloon.

  • ENFit® connector port designed to reduce the risk of tubing misconnections.
  • Durable silicone tubing with rounded skin disc for retention.
  • Clear shaft with graduation marks and rounded flush with open distal end.
  • Gastric balloon for internal retention.
  • Made without latex, BPA or PHT.


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