PK/30 - Cristcot Sephure® Rectal Suppository Applicator, Size A2
Manufacturer #: IA230C

Cristcot Inc.SKU: CRIA230C

Sale price$60.46


Hygienic, Single Use, Latex-Free

Sephure® size A2 applicators are designed to administer suppositories with a total gram weight 2.0 to 2.4 grams.

  • Clean, hygienic, and proper administration of suppository medications.
  • Single use, individually wrapped applicators.
  • Some examples of suppository medications that fit Sephure® size A2 applicators - Laxatives: Dulcolax®, Fleet® glycerin, Magic Bullet®, generic equivalents. Hemorrhoidal suppositories: Preparation H®, Tucks®, Anusol®, generic equivalents. Migraine suppositories: Cafergot®, Migergot®, Ergotamine, caffeine, generic equivalents. Pain management: Indocin®, indomethacin, voltarol, morphine, B & O®, belladonna and opium, generic equivalents. Nausea and vomiting: Compro®, compazine, generic equivalents.

* Please note: medication not included


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