EA/1 - Bard Lubri-Sil® 3-Way Specialty Silicone Foley Catheter, Short Round Tip, 20Fr, 30cc Balloon Capacity
Manufacturer #: 73020L

BARDSKU: 5773020L

Sale price$28.52


Type: Three-Way Foley

Tip: Short Round with Two Opposing Eyes

Lubrication: Hydrogel Coating

Material: Silicone Latex-Free

Size: 20Fr

Balloon Capacity: 30cc

The 100% Latex-free silicone catheter enhances safety and comfort for latex-sensitive patients. The shaft is clear, enhancing proper placement by providing immediate visual feedback (urine flow) when the catheter enters the bladder. It also reduces unnecessary trauma to the bladder and permits visualization of mucous build-up and clots.

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