BX/10 - Osnovation Systems Enluxtra™ Humifiber™ Self-Adaptive Wound Dressing, 4''x 4''
Manufacturer #: AWD51010C

Osnovation Systems, Inc.SKU: OSAWD51010C

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Non-Adherent, Stays Up to 7 Days, High Absorbency, Sterile, Latex-Free

Enluxtra™ Humifiber™ wound dressing is the first functionally self-adaptive wound dressing. Enluxtra™ is a self-adaptive dressing that actually senses the wound's condition and automatically adapts its function to guarantee moist wound healing at any stage. It can absorb and completely lock exudate away, prevent skin maceration, hydrate dry areas, reduce pain, and serve as a microbial/strike through barrier all at the same time. Enluxtra™ can absorb up to 1500% its weight in exudate. The absorbed exudate is not released under high pressure (body weight) or compression wraps. It is non-adherent which provides an easy painless, one piece removal.

  • One works for all wounds.
  • No need to cut or assemble, easy application.
  • Moist healing protocol for any wound.
  • Very high absorbency where and when needed.
  • No maceration.
  • No desiccation.
  • Microbial strike through barrier - no need for secondary dressing.


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