BX/40 - PDI Sani-Cloth® Bleach Disinfectant Wipe, Germicidal, Individual Packet, Large, 5" x 7"
Manufacturer #: H58195

Pdi Inc.SKU: PYH58195

Sale price$15.12


Ideal for disinfecting high risk areas endemic with clostridium difficile spores and norovirus.

  • Bactericidal, fungicidal, tuberculocidal, and virucidal.
  • Pre-moistened wipes are ready to use.
  • Meets CDC, OSHA, AHE and CMS Tag F441 guidelines.
  • EPA-registered intermediate level disinfectant.
  • Cleans and disinfects in one step.
  • Compatible with a broad range of surfaces and equipment in healthcare.
  • Accessibility: Deep well lid provides ample space to store and access next wipe.
  • Compliance: Prominent contact time for easy identification and improved compliance with accreditation standards.
  • Identification: Categorization of pathogens allows for quick identification of relevant efficacy claims.
  • Safety: Icon clearly communicates key safety information on both label and lid.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Ingredient: 0.63% Sodium Hypochlorite.
  • Disposable.


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